Over 10K Omani citizens have been employed during Q1 22

In the public and private sectors, the number of employment opportunities and the replacement of expatriates with Omani citizens reached 10,017 in the first quarter of 2022. This is 29% of the target number of 35,000 for 2022. The Oman Ministry of Labour reported that the number of jobs created for Omani employees by replacing expats in the public and private sectors was 2,573 out of 10,000, or 20 percent.

Over 10,000 Omani citizens have been employed during Q1 of 2022In the private sector, replacing expatriates with Omani employees amounted to 34 percent of job openings as 5,434 positions were offered out of 16,000. In addition to the 1,806 vacancies, there are 1,785 openings for managers, specialists, and technicians who hold a General Education Diploma (GED).

The rate of employment and replacement of expatriates with Omani workers in the training field reached 78 percent, as 1,553 jobs were created out of 2,000. Similarly, 7 percent of 7,000 employment opportunities were offered in the private sector. A total of 137 of them are employment-linked training jobs, while 320 are traineeships for entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Labour affirmed its commitment to boost the labour market with a highly productive workforce. Omani citizens are replacing expatriates as planned, it said.