Over 200,000 visit Jeddah in the first 3 days of Season 2022

A total of more than 200,000 visitors attended the first three days of Jeddah Season 2022. These visitors represented different ages and nationalities. They enjoyed the exciting and spectacular events and shows that were held in the Jeddah Art Promenade and Cirque du Soleil zones. In the days of Eid, Jeddah Art Promenade’s various fireworks shows drew a large crowd of people eager to see the daily show for 60 days.

Over 200,000 visit Jeddah in the first 3 days of Season 2022The diversity of the shows at Jeddah Art Promenade has led to an increase in visitors over the last few days, which is expected to continue throughout the season. A notable feature of the Cirque du Soleil zone was the high level of attendance and interaction with the international shows. Early attendance for circus shows was indicative of the extent of the visitors’ appreciation and enjoyment of the acrobatics, juggling, helium balloons, flying swings, and other shows that attracted many fans during the season’s first few days.

It is expected that the zones of the events of Jeddah Season 2022 in the coming days will witness a significant increase in visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom following the completion and launch of the rest of the season’s activities in other event zones in a manner that appeals to a variety of desires and is suitable for visitors of all ages.