SAIP Celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) celebrated World Intellectual Property Day with the slogan Your Ideas, Our Future to motivate creators and emphasize that the creations of young citizens contribute to building a better future by displaying achievements and inspiring stories of youths in the intellectual property field, and maximizing its influence with awareness campaigns throughout the kingdom.

SAIP Celebrates World Intellectual Property DayThe SAIP also issued the Statistical Report on Intellectual Property Information. This report showed growth in the number of patent and trademark applications filed through the Authority during 2021 compared to 2020. Patent applications increased by 11% and trademark registrations by 26%. Registration of industrial designs grew by 48%, and optional registration of copyright works by 57%. The first two documents to protect integrated circuit layout designs were also issued this year.

On this day, the World Intellectual Property Organization and member states celebrate youth and their creativity with events and initiatives designed to encourage their ideas and innovations. In 1982, Saudi Arabia became a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization. SAIP also participates with its membership to keep up with developments in various fields of intellectual property, which has a positive impact on intellectual property activities in the Kingdom.